Monday, July 23, 2018

Êzidî woman tells of her story under ISIS captivity

After being kidnapped by ISIS gangs in Shengal, Nadya Hesen Hewlo was sold to five different ISIS members in slave markets. Her new-born baby died of malnutrition and her daughter went missing. Nadya spoke of the horror she suffered under ISIS captivity.

Jineolojî Academy commemorates Alina Sanchez

Friends of Alina Sanchez from the Jineolojî Academy commemorated their comrade Legerîn always as a joyful, brave and revolutionary woman who created stable bridges of friendship between women and people from all over the world.

French jihadist woman responds the allegations of YPG torture

Emilie Konig, a French jihadist woman captured by YPG, spoke up on the allegations by French media outlets about her.

Yazidi women in Yerevan protest the isolation of Öcalan

Demonstrations calling for freedom for Kurdish people’s leader Öcalan continue around the world.

Women’s rights on the agenda in the North of Ireland

After the success of the abortion referendum in Ireland, the North needs to address the issue

Kurdish student ‘disappeared’ in Iran

Meryem Fereci is feared to have been taken into custody in Tehran.

Young Kurdish women go to Qandil to support Human Shields

The women oppose Turkey’s attempts to occupy South Kurdistan.

Turkey: 47 women killed by men in February

According to a recent report from the platform "Stop Feminicide!", at least 47 women were killed in Turkey in February.

First female conscientious objector in Turkey imprisoned

Zeynep Duygu Ağbayır, the first female conscientious objector in Turkey, has been jailed.

Marie Claire publishes a feature article about Anna Campbell

International fashion magazine Marie Claire published a feature article about British internationalist fighter Anna Campbell, who was martyred in a Turkish airstrike in Afrin.