Saturday, May 26, 2018

Women herald the founding of JIN TV

Newa Women’s Foundation has announced the founding of women’s television JIN TV. The foundation said they dedicate the television to the women murdered in Paris and called for solidarity.

Jineolojî Academy commemorates Alina Sanchez

Friends of Alina Sanchez from the Jineolojî Academy commemorated their comrade Legerîn always as a joyful, brave and revolutionary woman who created stable bridges of friendship between women and people from all over the world.

YPJ fighter from Latin America dies in traffic accident

Latin American YPJ fighter Alina Sanchez (Lêgerîn Çiya) has lost her life in a traffic accident. YPJ said she was loyal to Leader Apo with great love and consciousnes.

Thousands of women protest feminicide and violence in Mexico

In Mexico thousands of women took to the streets to protest against feminicide. According to official figures 5 women get killed in Mexico every day, and 60% of women suffers violence.

Women in Afrin receive self-defense training

HPC-JIN members are giving weapon training to women in Afrin as part of the campaign “Women Rise Up for Afrin”.

YPJ: Women’s resistance will be a guarantee of free life

YPJ celebrated the March 8th World Women's Day to Leader Ocalan, the companion of all women, all women in the world, women in Kurdistan and Northern Syria, all the freedom fighters on the battle fronts in the resistance of the century.

Cenî calls on governments to refrain from arms exports to Turkey

Kurdish Women's Office for Peace called on the EU, the UN, Russia and the forces of the coalition against ISIS to position themselves clearly against Turkish attacks on Afrin that are in violation of international law.

Russian woman rescued from ISIS by YPG

YPG fighters rescued a Russian woman who has been living in ISIS captivity with her children since she came to Syria in 2014.

Afrin to host March 8 women’s meeting

March 8 preparations continue in Afrin. In the midst of the resistance, women organize solidarity and resistance and will be holding 3 days of activities under the lead of Kongra Star with guests coming in to the city.

YPJ fighters: We will fight in Afrin and we will win

YPJ fighters say they are headed to victory in the Deir ez-Zor operation, that they will go to Afrin after the operation and that they will not abandon Afrin in any case.