Monday, July 23, 2018

PYD Women elect Women’s Council

The foundational congress of the PYD women's organisation was held in Rimelan.

PYD Co-chair: Women lead the way to a new Middle East

Speaking the the PYD Women Congress, Hiso said Syrian crisis can be solved through dialogue.

PYD Women’s Congress kicks off in Rimêlan

Women are discussing their role in shaping the new society.

Violence against women has doubled in Kirkuk

Women exposed increase in violence.

Women Psychological Centre in Cizre Canton

The Women’s Council has opened the centre to provide yet another support to women

PYD Women go to Congress

The Congress is the first by the women’s organisation since the party’s establishment

Second Free Women’s Union Conference ends in Shehba

The Union has decided to step up work for Kurdish People's Leader and Autonomous Administration.

Free Women’s Union conference discusses the role of women

The meeting underlined the role of women in the Rojava Revolution.

Women took the lead of the Rojava Revolution

Women in Rojava are playing a crucial role in the new model of society implemented.

YPJ: Rojava Revolution became an inspiration for all women

In a statement issued on the occasion of the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, YPJ General Command said; "The revolution has become an inspiration for the freedom of all women worldwide".