Saturday, July 21, 2018

Kongreya Star establishes three councils in Qamishlo

Kongreya Star is expanding its works across Northern Syria.

The important role of women in Northern Syria

"We hope that the conclusions of the Congress will open the way for the Syrian dialogue."

Faces of the revolution of Rojava

Six years ago, the Rojava revolution began. It became a revolution of women. Innumerable mothers have contributed to this.

Kongreya Star held Conference in Aleppo

The women organisation held its second congress in Aleppo

Two Women’s Councils opened in Raqqa

Women are marking their presence 

Syrian Women’s Council Academy ends training session in Raqqa

Twenty-five women took part in the training.

Yazidi women in Yerevan protest the isolation of Öcalan

Demonstrations calling for freedom for Kurdish people’s leader Öcalan continue around the world.

Important decisions made at the Kongreya Star Congress in Kobane

The Third Congress of the women’s organisation Kongreya Star ended with a busy plan for the future.

Kongreya Star Congress begins in Kobanê

Some 271 women delegates reached Kobanê from all Euphrates region to join the Third Congress of Kongreya Star.

Kurdish student ‘disappeared’ in Iran tortured to death

Kurdish student Meryem Fereci, from whom no news was received for 9 days, has been found dead in Tehran. her body was tortured and burned.