Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kongreya Star issues call to “Rise up for the women of Afrin”

Kongreya Star Afrin chapter condemned the attacks against women of Afrin by the invading Turkish army and their allied gangs, and called on the women of the world to rise up for the people of Afrin.

Female prisoners: Our hope is the HDP

Female prisoners imprisoned in Kandıra Prison have sent a message of solidarity with the HDP.

Women, the driving force of the reconstruction of Raqqa

After four years of DAESH darkness, Raqqa is flourishing and women play a crucial role in the new society.

Jineology classes in high schools in Rojava

High schools in the Cizire region will be offering Jineology classes in the 2018-19 term. Jineology Committee Member Nupel Ehmed stated that they will be promoting women and women’s history in society.

European Kurdish Women’s Workshop stresses national unity

Kurdish women are carrying out important efforts for national unity. The women came together in Europe to organize the European National Kurdish Women’s Workshop.

Solidarity with the women of Rojava in Sweden

Women called on the international community to stop the Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin and Rojava.

Women most affected by Iranian economic crisis

Women in Iran are paid less than men and are sacked if they get pregnant.

Armenian women also support the HDP

Armenian women living in Istanbul stated that they will be supporting the HDP and its presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş in June 24 elections.

‘Women rise up for Afrin’ campaign continues

The ‘Women Rise up for Afrin’ campaign was initiated by the Kurdish women's movement Kongreya Star on 8 February with the aim of supporting the resistance in Afrin.

Girls’ average marriage age in Iranian village is 11

Some figures were released by Iranian authorities shed a bit of light over a very disturbing reality.