Friday, August 17, 2018

Women in Sincan Prison expose the violations of rights

Van Catak Municipality co-chair, Evin Keve, assaulted by guards.

Women of Manbij: Building a new society

Women played a prominent role in the liberation of Manbij in 2016 and are now leading the creation of the new city.

Women demand freedom for Öcalan

Syria Youth Council co-chair, Albin Ehmed said young women will step up initiative for Kurdish People's Leader Öcalan

Kurdish women promoted conference in Russia

Kurdish women in Russia step up campaign 'Freedom for Öcalan'

Third Women’s Council opened in Raqqa

It is the third office of this kind to be opened in the Raqqa city to promote the role of free women in free society.

Rojbin in 50 photos

“Who dared murder Rojbin?” The story of 50 photos starts with this question.

Yusif: The Rojava Revolution is spreading everywhere

Speaking at the Third Young Women's Union (YJC) Congress, Foza Yousif said: "The Women's Revolution, which started in Rojava, is now implemented in Raqqa, Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor.”

Women Journalists’ Platform remembers Deniz Fırat

Four years ago, Kurdish journalist Deniz Firat was killed in an attack by the ISIS in the Makhmur refugee camp in southern Kurdistan on August 8, 2014.

Young women in Northern Syria organize themselves

In Rojava, the third congress of "Young Women's Union" (Yekîtiya Jinên Ciwan, YJC) has begun.

YPJ in solidarity with abortion advocates of Argentina

The YPJ have expressed their solidarity with the pro-abortion advocates in Argentina.