Saturday, May 26, 2018

“The people of Efrîn are ready to defend their lands”

Syrian Democratic Kurdish Unity Party Secretary Mihyedin Şêx Ali pointed out Turkey’s attack plan and said: “The people of Efrîn are ready to defend their lands. They are ready to fight in unity with YPG and YPJ forces.”

Footage from Afrin’s Mabata district

Footage from the scene of a deadly attack by Turkish warplanes in Afrin Canton of Northern Syria.

Civilians and fighters killed by Turkey in Afrin laid to rest

14 civilians and two YPG fighters who were massacred by Turkish warplanes in Afrin have been laid to rest following a ceremony in Afrin.

Turkish attacks on Afrin continue

Attacks of the Turkish state that launched an invasion operation against Afrin, continue. Repelled by SDF forces for the past two days, Turkish soldiers are unable to advance on the ground and are therefore resorting to airstrikes and artillery attacks.

YPG/YPJ fighters: We are ready to defend Efrîn

Hundreds of YPG - YPJ fighters gathered to show solidarity with Efrîn, that has long been threatened by Turkey.

Erdoğan’s “National Army” turns out to be chicken thieves

The gangs the Turkish state let loose on Afrin, calling them a “national army”, commit severe war crimes on one hand and steal from the people on the other.The gangs filmed themselves stealing large many chickens and turkeys.

Images of Turkish panzer YPG seized in Afrin

YPG/YPJ fighters have destroyed a panzer and seized another in Shexurze village of Afrin’s Bilbile district.

Two babies from Afrin die in the Berxwedan camp in Shehba

Two babies of protection seekers displaced by the Turkish state from Afrin have died of illness due to poor conditions.

Turkish army attacks asayish checkpoint in Derik

Turkish soldiers attacked a checkpoint of Asayish forces on Semelka road in Derik. Intervention by YPG fighters left two Turkish soldiers dead.

12 gang members killed in Afrin

YPG/YPJ fighters carried out actions against invading forces in Afrin city center this morning. 12 invaders have been killed as a result.