Monday, July 23, 2018

Mercenaries torture an elderly man and disabled woman in Afrin

Mercenaries affiliated to the occupant Turkish army have tortured an elderly man and his disabled daughter, and kidnapped a young man in Afrin.

Afrin bids farewell to 23 martyrs

In Afrin a farewell ceremony took place for 23 people who died in the invasion attacks of the Turkish state.

Elections in Northern Syria in 5 questions

Tomorrow is election day in the Northern Syrian Federation. Voters will elect town, district and canton council members. Here are the questions about the election, gathered in 5 topics.

Three-day balance sheet in Turkey’s Afrin operation

Syrian Democratic Forces announced that 40 members of the Turkish army and affiliated gangs have been killed during three days of Turkey’s invasion attempt against Afrin.

Special operation by YPJ: Mahsum and Amude rescued

YPJ Afrin Command has announced that they have rescued YPJ Press Center Member Avrin Mahsum and YPG fighter Şoreş Amude who had been declared to have been martyred.

An Albanian woman from Shehba in Afrin resistance

Albanian woman Sabiha Shaban fled from Shehba to due to the Turkish militia. Her grandfather fought against the Ottomans, she and her children are resisting the Turkish state.

What is happening in Manbij?

The Turkish state has put Manbij back on the agenda as the June 24 elections draw near. The Turkish government frequently threatens invasion, and has announced that they have come to an agreement with the US for a roadmap.

MSD issues urgent call to international community for Afrin

MSD appealed to the international community and called for urgent action to stop the massacres in Afrin amid ongoing Turkish attacks.

Heavy fighting in al-Umar between SDF and ISIS

Heavy fighting erupted in al-Umar oil field, north-east of Deir ez-Zor, on Sunday after ISIS gangs launched an attack to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) positions.

Invading forces bomb two houses in Afrin

Houses of civilians who had a quarrel with Turkish mercenaries have been bombed in Afrin.