Monday, July 23, 2018

Details of the Turkish massacre in Afrin’s Gubele village

The Turkish state's ongoing invasion operation against Afrin region of northern Syria is claiming more lives every day.

Ronahi TV cameraman wounded in Afrin

Ronahi TV cameraman Zekeriya Şêxo got wounded in the Turkish state’s ongoing invasion attempt against Afrin.

Footage of Turkish tank destroyed in Afrin

YPG Press Office released footage from a Turkish tank destroyed in a village of Afrin.

Latest from Afrin

The Turkish army launched an attack in the countryside of Baliyen village in Afrin’s Bilbile district following the aerial bombardments of Saturday evening. The attack was repelled, and Turkish warplanes shelled Mınıx military base.

SDF repels attacks on a village of Afrin

Attacks on a village of Afrin’s Rajo district have been repelled by the SDF.

Turkish army and gangs attack a village of Manbij

The invading Turkish army and allied gangs are attacking a village northeast of Manbij.

YPG Press Office member injured in Afrin

YPG Press Office announced that a media official from their ranks suffered an injury and was hospitalized in Afrin on Saturday.

Turkey continues to attack Efrin

The bombing of Efrin and its surroundings continues after the Turkish army and their gangs launched the attack yesterday. 2 civilians have been wounded in the attack. Scout planes are patrolling the area.

Civilians and fighters killed by Turkey in Afrin laid to rest

14 civilians and two YPG fighters who were massacred by Turkish warplanes in Afrin have been laid to rest following a ceremony in Afrin.

YPG sources: 50 members of invading forces killed in Shera

YPG sources reported that at least 50 members of the Turkish army and FSA gangs have been killed as a result of actions by YPG/YPJ fighters in Afrin.