Saturday, May 26, 2018

People of Manbij condemn Turkish invasion

The Turkish state attacks were protested in a mass demonstration in Manbij.

People of Afrin and Shehba protest against Turkish invasion

People will be taking to the streets across Kurdistan and all around the world today on occasion of the Global Action Day against Turkish occupation of Kurdistan.

TEV-DEM meets with Afrin and Shehba people

The meeting was to address future political developments in the Syrian war.

Gangs ask for ransom for the locals they abduct in Afrin

Invading Turkish forces and allied gangs have abducted and tortured several locals in Afrin’s Mabeta and Shiye districts, and asked for ransom for these people.

A story to be told inside each refugee tent

Many people fled their cities and found shelter in SDF-controlled areas.

Northern Syria Delegation visits Egypt

Cairo is ready to play a role in the solution of the Syrian war.

Kobanê will rally against occupation on Global Action Day

A march will take place in Kobanê city as part of the actions against the Turkish occupation of Afrin.

Italian delegation continues talks and visits in Rojava

To read about someone’s story and to actually listen to it where it unfolded is a completely different thing.

Displaced people of Afrin: We won’t leave our land to invaders

People of Afrin commend the help and support provided by the communes in the region.

List of Afrin residents abducted by Turkish forces and gangs

The Turkish army and their allied gangs continue to implement enemy laws in Northern Syria and abduct and murder Afrin residents.