Saturday, July 21, 2018

More civilians kidnapped in Afrin

More reports of atrocities are coming through from occupied Afrin.

Two little children lose their life in Tabqa Camp

The situation of the refugees is worsening despite the huge efforts of Heyva Sor a Kurd.

MLKP Rojava celebrates the July 19 Rojava Revolution

Afrin will be liberated, said MLKP Rojava.

“Afrin is no more a land of peace and tranquility”

An Afrin resident who moved to Shehba to rescue himself from the atrocity of the occupant Turkish army and allied mercenaries, stated that Afrin is no more a land of peace and tranquility.

DKP/BÖG salutes the Rojava Revolution

DKP/BÖG Rojava Command celebrated the Rojava Revolution, saying that a result could be accomplished against the Palace fascism in Turkey, too, through a revolutionary war.

Kobanê remembers martyrs of the revolution

At the Şehîd Dicle Cemetery of Martyrs in Kobanê, the victims of the July 19 Revolution were remembered with a ceremony.

YPG: Rojava revolution is a trailblazer for Syrian revolution

YPG celebrated the anniversary of the revolution and promised to continue their mission of ensuring the security and defense of the region.

PYD: Rojava Revolution is the renaissance of the Middle East

There was a need for a new model, and the Rojava Revolution was the answer, said the PYD.

March to commend 19 July Revolution in Shehba

Rojava Youth Union organised a march in Shehba.

Football to commemorate the 19 July Rojava Revolution

A football match in Kobanê to remember the 19 July Revolution