Thursday, June 21, 2018

People of Manbij rallied to say no to Turkish occupation

Thousands rallied in Manbij and pledged to defend the city

FSA kills a doctor in Afrin, people take to the streets

Turkish-backed FSA gangs have murdered a doctor in Afrin. Local people took to the streets in protests, facing another attack by the gangs which left a woman dead.

Conditions in the northern Syrian Ayn-Isa camp worsening

Due to the limited opportunities and the lack of outside support, the administration of the northern Syrian town of Ayn Isa is unable to solve the infrastructural problems in the camp. The health risk in the camp therefore increases.

March against Turkish invasion in Manbij

The people of Manbij have taken to the streets against the Turkish state’s threats of invasion.

YPG/YPJ target war criminals in Afrin

YPG/YPJ fighters carried out actions against invaders during the past one week, killing many invaders.

Turkmens in Manbij condemn Turkish policies

In a statement the Turkmen Association called on people to resist the Turkish occupation attempts.

Manbij Military Council released images showing Turkish troops ar

AKP tried to play the “Manbij card” before the elections, but was exposed as liar

Allegations of Turkish army entering Manbij a lie

Manbij Military Council denied that Turkish forces have entered the city

Invaders set fire to the fields and trees in Afrin

Turkish state and gangs are setting fire to the wheat fields and olive trees in Afrin.

The first shop in Kobane is half a century old

Fifty years on, how does he work among all the shops in the bazaar?