Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Extortion and abduction in Afrin

In the Mabeta district, the invading Turkish state is abducting civilians to unknown locations, and they are extorting people. Meanwhile construction of a base in Afrin continues.

Overview of the demographic change in Afrin

Since the beginning of May, 1139 militiamen and their families have been settled in the region following the occupation of the northern Syrian canton of Afrin by Turkey in violation of international law.

TEV-DEM Xelil: Kurdish National Congress could be held in Rojava

TEV-DEM Xelil visited South Kurdistan and proposed the Kurdish National Congress to be held in Rojava

Saving lives ISIS wants to destroy

Dr. Akif Kobanê has participated in all operations against ISIS since the battle of Kobanê, and is calling for all doctors loyal to their Hippocratic oath and all aid organizations to show solidarity with the people of Northern Syria.

Italian doctor in Shehba for children of Afrin

Italian pediatrician Marino went to Shehba to treat children and is calling for all doctors to help the people of Afrin.

More civilians abducted and tortured in Afrin

The invading Turkish army and their allied gangs are abducting and torturing people in Afrin. Some people abducted from Afrin have been taken to Hatay, Kilis and Azaz.

Students in Kobanê receive report cards

Some 21 thousand students were given their report cards in Kobanê.

SDF ensuring safety for all Syrian people

SDF Press Center spokesman, Mustefa Balî, said on Sunday that the SDF forces are protecting all Syrian people and fighting for them.

Another YBŞ fighter martyred in Afrin resistance

Arab fighter Ahmed Zahir had joined the resistance against ISIS in the Shengal and continued his fight in Afrin.

Invaders abduct and torture more people in Afrin

The invading Turkish army and allied gangs are forcibly breaking into the houses of people, abducting and torturing them in Afrin.