Monday, July 23, 2018

Teachers to be trained in Aleppo

New teachers for the future

Spreading the ideas of the Rojava Revolution

Universities in Northern Syria have also the task to spread the Democratic Nation Project

DISK report on State of Emergency effects on workers

The Revolutionary Workers Trade Union discussed effects of State of Emergency and one-man regime.

Demonstrations in Iraq enter the third week

Two people lost their life on Friday while a total of 195 people have been wounded from the start of the protest.

Football tournament in Shehba

Shehba Youth and Sport Council promoted a Resistance football tournament.

Many detained as police attack people remembering Suruç victims

Turkish police attacked the people remembering victims of the Suruç massacre on its third anniversary. Many people including ANF reporter Zeynep Kuray have been detained.

Thousands protest in Baghdad

Masses took to the streets in Baghdad on Friday.

16 villages liberated in Operation Cizire Storm

YPG Press Office announced that 16 villages have been liberated in the ongoing Operation Cizire Storm.

Suruç massacre: Three years without justice

Three years after the ISIS massacre in Suruç which took place under the supervision of the police and the Turkish secret service MIT, and killed 33 young people, those responsible have still not been named.

Eight HDP members jailed in Istanbul

Eight of the 16 HDP members detained on Sunday following a raid on the HDP Sancaktepe district branch have been jailed.