Monday, July 23, 2018

22 internationalists join the human shields action in Qandil

For 39 days, the Kurdish youth movement has been conducting a "Human Shields" campaign in Qandil. Now the action has been joined by 22 internationalists from France, Switzerland, Spain and Catalonia.

Four ecologists detained in Rojhilat

Four ecologists have been detained by Iranian intelligence in Rojhilat, Eastern Kurdistan.

KDP forces raid the office of New Generation in Hewler

Zeravani [security] forces raided the New Generation offices at English Village in Hewler and prevented them from doing their jobs.

Pro-Afrin demonstrations in Rojhilat and Iran

People took to the streets across Eastern Kurdistan (Rojhilat) and in Iranian capital city Tehran to protest against the Turkish state’s attacks on Afrin.

Turkish courts arrest Kurdish politicians, release ISIS members

Turkish courts continue to imprison Kurdish politicians and release ISIS members.

Turkish army suffers heavy losses in Bradost

28 Turkish soldiers and three village guards were reportedly killed in yesterday’s actions carried out by HPG/YJA Star guerrillas in Bradost area, northern Iraq.

PKK pays tribute to the Great Resistance of 14 July 1982

PKK prisoners carried out a hunger strike to defeat fascism in Amed prison.

Êzidî youth condemns Turkey over attacks on martyrs’ graves

Êzidî Youth’s Movement (TCÊ) condemned the Turkish state over attacks on the cemeteries and graves of martyrs.

HDP to transport voters to combined ballot boxes in Şırnak

HDP has taken action against the relocation and combination of ballot boxes in Şırnak.

Turkey’s fear of Öcalan’s birthday

As in previous years, the Turkish state tried again this year to prevent the celebration of the birthday of Abdullah Öcalan on April 4th.