Saturday, May 26, 2018

The only Chaldean in Silopi: “We will not abandon our village”

The only Chaldean in Silopi Petrus Karatay who was arrested for 11 days: They burned our village and our cemetery down several times. We won’t abandon our village to anybody. Whatever the circumstances, we will continue with our rightful struggle.”

30 areas declared “restricted zones” in Hakkari

Turkish state continues imposing bans in several regions across the Kurdish region of Turkey amid ongoing military operations.

Goran leader holds Barzani responsible for the situation in South

Omar Sayyid Eli, the leader of the Goran Movement in Southern Kurdistan held KDP’s leader Masoud Barzani responsible for the recent losses of Kurds in Iraq.

KCK: Democratization is the solution for Southern Kurdistan

KCK released a statement about the uprising in Southern Kurdistan and said that democratization is the solution for the region.

HPG: “5 soldiers killed in Hakkari and Lêlîkan”

HPG Press Center has announced that the guerrilla has killed 5 soldiers in Hakkari and Lêlîkan in Southern Kurdistan.

One killed, 19 wounded in Koyê

One person has died and 19 others got wounded in the crackdown of asayish forces in Southern Kurdistan’s Koyê district.

HPG hits the Turkish army in Şemdinli

Two soldiers were killed as HPG guerrillas hit a Turkish military unit in the countryside of Hakkari yesterday.

McGurk visits PUK and Barham Salih

The US special envoy for the fight against the ISIS, Brett McGurk has met with PUK and Coalition for Democracy and Justice representatives.

Two Turkish soldiers killed in Sirnak

HPG guerrillas killed two Turkish in Gabar mountains in Sirnak.

ISIS attack in Khanaqin

ISIS gangs attacked the joint Iraq and Germiyan asayish point in Khanaqin’s Gulala town last night with heavy weapons.