Monday, July 23, 2018

Footage from guerrilla action against secret Turkish unit

Guerrillas continue their actions against the invading Turkish troops in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

HPG: Six Turkish soldiers killed in Hakkari countryside

HPG reported that six Turkish soldiers were killed in the countryside of Hakkari province.

KCK salutes the Afrin resistance

KCK underlined that; ““The resistance of Afrin will prevail, the AKP-MHP fascism will be defeated, and the peoples of Syria and the Middle East will attain a free and democratic life.”

Guerrillas hit Turkish base in Southern Kurdistan: 11 killed

HPG guerrillas targeted a Turkish military base in Zaxo and killed 11 Turkish soldiers.

‘Afrin Front’ campaign launched in Southern Kurdistan

Dozens of intellectuals, writers, journalists, academics, artists, politicians, deputies and civil society organization representatives in Southern Kurdistan have founded ‘Afrin Front’ against the Turkish army’s invasion operation on Afrin.

Dêrin peshmergas: “Southern parties sacrificed the peshmergas”

Dêrin peshmergas: “The peshmerga didn't rupture in Kirkuk and other regions. What did rupture was the politicians who transformed the peshmerga from a force for the country, the land and the nation into peshmergas for parties, organizations, individuals."

4 soldiers killed as YJA-STAR hits operation forces in Gabar

YJA-STAR guerrillas hit the Turkish military units that launched an operation in Mount Gabar.

Kalkan: “The Afrin resistance will spread throughout Kurdistan”

PKK Executive Committee Member Duran Kalkan spoke in the graduation ceremony of guerrilla candidates who joined the ranks of HPG and YJA-Star, and said: “We will mobilize to defend Afrin.”

Tens of thousands march in Sulaymaniyah for Afrin

By the call of the “Afrin Front”, founded recently by intellectuals, writers, NGO representatives and a group of MPs, a march was held today in Suleymaniye with tens of thousands of people for Afrin.

Fierce clashes between the Turkish army and guerrillas in Xakurkê

Violent clashes are taking place between HPG, YJA Star guerrillas and Turkish soldiers that are attacking Southern Kurdistan.