Saturday, May 26, 2018

Roboksi massacre case not dealt properly by bar associations

Families of the 34 murdered civilians raise questions about how the case was dealt with.

Youth Conference in Sulaymaniyah

Over 300 delegates gathered in South Kurdistan.

Turkish jets bomb civilian areas in northern Iraq

Warplanes of the Turkish army are bombing civilian areas in Amadiya, southern Kurdistan.

KCK: Say no to the occupation of Afrin on 26 May

The KCK called on people everywhere to protest against the occupation of Afrin on 26 May.

Soldiers take down HDP banners

Soldiers took down HDP’s party banners put up around the elections bureau to be opened in the coming days in Silopi.

People of Southern Kurdistan take to the streets against invasion

The Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Southern Kurdistan will be protested in several cities tomorrow in mass demonstrations.

HDP flags in front of election office torn down

HDP flags hung on the street of an election office in Kızıltepe, Mardin have been torn down.

Turkish military operation in Şırnak countryside

Armed forces of the Turkish state continue their military operations across the Kurdish region.

HDP Hakkari candidate Güven sends letter from prison

“I am sure we will win this election if we stand together”.

KCK: “The Turkish army has no chance against heroic guerrillas”

KCK Executive Council Co-presidency congratulated guerrilla forces that delivered heavy blows against the Turkish army in Northern and Southern Kurdistan.