Friday, August 17, 2018

Protests across South Kurdistan after the murder of Mam Zeki

Protests are spreading across southern Kurdistan following the fatal attack on Zekî Şengalî. In Silêmanî, Hewlêr, Ranya and many other cities, thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the attacks of Turkey.

Yazidi Women’s Council calls for an end to the attacks on Shengal

The Yazidi Women's Council has strongly condemned the attack on Zekî Şengalî and called for an end to the Turkish attacks on Shengal and legal consequences at international level against Turkey and Iraq.

Şengali to be laid to rest on Saturday in mass ceremony

Yazidi Society Coordination Member Zeki Şengali who lost his life in a Turkish state assassination in Shengal will be laid to rest on Saturday in a mass ceremony. 

Footage from guerrilla actions in Bradost

Guerrillas hit Turkish soldiers in South Kurdistan on July 7-10.

People of Shengal protest against Turkish attack

Masses gathered in Shengal to protest Turkish aerial bombardment that targeted their land on Wednesday.

HPG: Clashes continue in Dersim

The HPG has released details on the actions in Hakkari and Dersim

Rojava youth visits human shield action in Qandil

A group of young people from Rojava held a support visit to the human shield action in Qandil.

KNK: Turkish attack on Shengal a continuation of ISIS massacre

“The Turkish state and its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have, since the beginning of this crisis, supported ISIS and other jihadist groups in the region, and continue to do so today.”

KCK statement on Zeki Şengali’s assassination by Turkey

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a written statement for Zeki Şengali who was assassinated by the Turkish army in Shengal. KCK said, “The Turkish state is bringing its own demise closer with the massacres and assassinations they commit.”

Yazidi Society Coordination Member martyred in Turkish attack

Yazidi Society Coordination announced that Yazidi Society Coordination Member Mam Zekî Şengalî has been martyred in the air strike against the Geliyê Shilo (Shilo Valley) yesterday.