Thursday, June 21, 2018

Turkish planes bombing Kandil again

No casualties reported in new air raids by invading Turkish forces

Writer Kemal Rauf: Turkey plans to occupy all Kurdistan

Rauf said that Turkey plans to severe connections among Kurdish movements in the four parts of Kurdistan.

RPG action against military vehicle in Çukurca: 2 soldiers dead

At least 2 soldiers are reported dead in the RPG action against a military vehicle in Hakkari’s Çukurca district.

Turkish jets strike several locations in South Kurdistan

Turkish warplanes bombed Bradost region of South Kurdistan.

Turkish forces in South Kurdistan bomb Sidekan

Turkish troops carried out a bombardment on Sidekan from their bases in South Kurdistan.

18 soldiers killed in guerrilla actions against the Turkish army

Guerrillas of the HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA-Star (Free Women’s Troops) continue hitting the invading Turkish troops in Kurdistan territory.

National Front activists: Success comes with unity

The Human Shield action in Qandil a success and example to be followed.

Northern Syrian youth to march to Bashur against invasion

Northern Syrian youth will be marching to the Sêmalka Border Gate on June 21 against the invading Turkish state’s attacks against Southern Kurdistan. The Rojava Youth Coordination called on the youth to participate.

Taqtaq and Chamchamal delegations visit Qandil

The human shield action in Qandil continues against the invasion attacks by the Turkish state. The Taqtaq and Chamchamal delegations visited the activists and protested the Southern government.

KCK calls on South Kurdistan people to support the guerrilla

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency has called on the people of Southern Kurdistan to take a stand and support the guerrilla. KCK warned that if the people of Bashur (South Kurdistan) don’t rise up, the invasion might spread.