Saturday, May 26, 2018

Prisoner Penahi to be executed after Ramadan in Iran

The execution of Kurdish political prisoner Ramin Hossein Panahi had been halted after massive protest worldwide campaign.

Kurdish political prisoner threatened by intelligence in Rojhilat

A Kurdish political prisoner detained in the youth ward of the Orumiyeh Central Prison was interrogated and threatened by the Special Office of the Intelligence Ministry in Prison.

Peace mother Oruc: I was left breathless once again

Lütfiye Oruç fought for 20 years and managed to get a hold of the bodies of 2 of her children and 2 other relatives, who she buried in the Garzan Cemetery. Oruç said, “I was left breathless once again,” and asked why the bodies had been unearthed.

UN experts urge Turkey to drop charges against rights defenders

A group of United Nations experts has condemned the use of terrorism charges against human rights defenders and people legitimately expressing dissent in Turkey.

Imrali delegation demands immediate access to Öcalan

Imralı delegation demanded permission to visit Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, after speculative reports about his health emerged on social media.

Hundreds of children in Turkish jails

According to the Ministry of Justice there were 624 children under 6 in Turkish jails by November 2017

Sick prisoner in Şakran cuffed to the bed

Sick prisoner in the Şakran Prison Hasip Gün has been cuffed to the bed.

UN criticizes Turkey for rights violations under emergency rule

Routine extensions of the state of emergency in Turkey have led to profound human rights violations against hundreds of thousands of people, United Nations Human Rights Office said in its 2017 report on Turkey.

700th appeal to visit Öcalan rejected

For the 700th time, the Public Prosecutor of Bursa rejected the appeal of Öcalan’s lawyers to meet their client.

Turkey rejects another appeal for a meeting with Öcalan

Bursa Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has rejected yet another appeal by the families of İmralı prisoners to meet with their relatives, Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and three other inmates.