Monday, July 23, 2018

Prisoner Penahi to be executed after Ramadan in Iran

The execution of Kurdish political prisoner Ramin Hossein Panahi had been halted after massive protest worldwide campaign.

Kurdish political prisoner tortured heavily in Rojhilat

Kurdish political prisoner Efşin Hisên Penahi, who had been detained and arrested in Rojhilat, has been subjected to torture by Iranian forces. Efşin’s health had suffered after the intense torture, but reportedly hasn’t been taken to a hospital.

Justice index reveals global fall in basic justice

More than 70 of 113 countries surveyed for latest Rule of Law Index report their fundamental human rights are being eroded. The survey put Turkey among the worst top 12 in Rule of Law Index.

Current situation in Turkish prisons: Torture and death

While disciplinary punishments are extended in the prison of Elazığ, Northern Kurdistan, messages about maltreatment come from the prison of Tarsus. In Adana, a prisoner died because he was denied his medication.

Russians protest Putin for Afrin

Russian citizens have protested President Vladimir Putin for approving the invasion of Afrin.

Nine activists detained over social media posts in Turkey

Nine people including Eğitim Sen, EMEP and ÖDP members and administrators have been detained for condemning the attacks against Afrin on social media.

Where have the 20 PKK prisoners been taken?

20 PKK prisoners in the Edirne Type F Closed Prison were exiled in a late night raid.

Turkey is the top violator of human rights in Europe

Turkey is leading the countries on European Court of Human Rights’ top violators list according to the data provided by the court’s president Guido Raimondi.

Children of Nusaybin speak of torture by Turkish soldiers

Children who were arrested by Turkish soldiers during Democratic Autonomy resistance in Nusaybin spoke of torture at the hand of Turkish soldiers in custody. 

Dozens of prisoners forcibly transferred to other prisons

Dozens of prisoners in Balıkesir and Muş provinces have been sent to prisons in Kayseri and İzmir.