Friday, May 18, 2018

190 journalists behind bars in Turkey

The Free Journalists Initiative released its monthly report in Amed.

“For journalists, Turkey has become a dungeon”

Journalists have spoken out about the stifling climate of fear that has enveloped Turkey’s media landscape, ahead of a global day of action to demand the release of more than 120 journalists still imprisoned since the failed 2016 coup.

Journalists’ Union to rally on May Day

For the first time, journalists in Amed will rally behind their own banner on Workers’ Day.

Journalists’ trial postponed to September

Travel ban confirmed for 46 Kurdish journalists under trial

Assets usurped from media institutions put on sale

The assets belonging to shut-down media institutions like DİHA, JİNHA, Azadiya Welat and Azadî TV have been put on sale.

Turkey continues to lead the worldwide decline in press freedom

"“The world’s biggest prison for professional journalists, Turkey (157th) has managed to fall another two places in the past year, which saw a succession of mass trials."

Zehra Doğan: “Continue to write the news, without fear”

TJU administrators met with imprisoned journalist Zehra Doğan. Doğan said, “One understands the value of journalism better in prison,” and urged her colleagues on the outside to continue to write the news without fear.

Sweden condemns repression on Kurdish media

Sweden reacted to the ongoing repression, closure, raids, attacks against the Kurdish press.

ETHA reporter from Germany taken into custody in Istanbul

Turkey, the largest prison for journalists in the world, continues its crackdown on journalists of the opposition and alternative media.

SJF calls on the Swedish Government to support Kurdish media

Swedish Journalists Federation’s publication pointed out the attacks against Kurdish media and called for solidarity.