Monday, July 23, 2018

Comte: MİT administrators’ statements are important for the case

Lawyer of the Cansız, Doğan and Şaylemez case stated that the case will continue with different arguments, adding: “If statements by the MİT administrators KCK holds confirm the documents the French prosecutor has, they'll be very important for the case."

Turkish state barbarism in Afrin knows no bounds

The Turkish state barbarism in Afrin knows no bounds. The invading Turkish state and their allied gangs continue to commit crimes against humanity in Afrin, as international states sit and watch the atrocities.

PKK’s Karayılan: Turkish army can’t fight against the YPG

Turkish army has no strength to attack Efrîn and can’t fight against the YPG, PKK’s Murat Karayılan said.

Demirtaş: The HDP will be the best surprise of the election

In a message thanking for being nominated candidate, Demirtaş encouraged everyone to work hard to win

Report on Afrin displaced people published

Afrin Canton renewed calls to international community to help the refugees of Shebha

Husson: “Kurdish women’s struggle is for all women of the world”

Director of Girls of the Sun, a film about the Kurdish women’s resistance against ISIS that shook the 71st Cannes Film Festival, Eva Husson stated that the Kurdish women’s struggle is for the women of the whole world.

KCK’s Karasu: AKP is lying to the people about Qandil

KCK's Karasu pointed out that the AKP is lying to the people about Qandil and that they are only striking empty lands. Karasu said: “Erdoğan lies as the elections draw near. This is a sign that the AKP will fall on June 24.”

56 million voters called to the polls

Station polls open in Turkey for historic elections

The Madımak Massacre, a quarter-century later

It has been 25 years since the Madımak Massacre of July 2, 1993 was committed in Sivas on where 33 people were murdered, but the demand for justice still hasn’t been met.

MEP Ward: There is a form of ethnic cleansing in Afrin

Julia Ward who belongs to the left wing of the European Parliament said that Erdogan would benefit the transformation into a mono culture in the previously multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Afrin.