Friday, May 25, 2018

Invasion can’t pass in Afrin, Erdoğan alone again

The greatest response to Erdoğan’s threats against Afrin came from the peoples of Northern Syria while the invasion has received no support from the international public.

KCK’s Karasu: “PKK will pay the price, but won’t surrender”

KCK Executive Council Member Karasu reminded the Turkish state who claim they will invade Qandil of the Zap and Çelik operations and said, “PKK will pay the price, but won’t surrender.”

Karasu: Solution process is to fight against AKP fascism

The process for the solution of the Kurdish question begins by stepping up the struggle, said KCK’s Mustafa Karasu.

UN is an accomplice in the invasion and civilian deaths

If the UN has a responsibility for peace and humanity, it should be towards stopping the aerial attacks and artillery fire that cause civilian deaths. This invasion has no legitimacy whatsoever.

YPG Commander: Efrîn will defeat the invading Turkish state

YPG Commander Mehmut Berxwedan stated that Turkey has initiated a new concept of aggression against Efrîn, saying; “Efrîn will defeat the invading Turkish state and its gangs.”

Altun: Areas of freedom are created in the ME for the first time

KCK’s Altun remarked that the Kurdish resistance and struggle has changed the course of the crisis in the Middle East, and described the developments in Rojava as a first in the Middle East.

Who is Sebahattin Asal, the man behind the Paris killings?

Tayyip Erdoğan is certainly no ordinary politician or administrator. He is a dictator and a despot who wants to implement a fascist genocidal system he has conceived for himself.

German state’s animosity against Kurds

The German state, in an attempt to repair their relationship with the Erdoğan government, has been targeting the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan with unprecedented special laws.

The footprint of Alina in Latin America

Alina Sánchez, Lêgerîn Çiya, fighter, companion, anxious to know, share, weave networks from the most human places, has walked and touched many lives in Latin America. ANF publishes stories and memories of some of those who have known her.

PKK’s Engin: “We will continue to be Che’s followers”

PKK Central Committee Member Kasım Engin celebrated the anniversary of the Cuban revolution and saluted the Cuban people. Engin also stated that Öcalan and the PKK are followers and comrades of Che.