Friday, May 25, 2018

YPG Commander General Sipan Hemo: Afrin war will be the final

Regarding Turkey’s attempt to invade Afrin and Manbij, YPG Commander General Sipan Hemo said: “We will free the region of Erdoğan menace just like our YPG/YPJ forces cleared the region of ISIS.”

YPJ Spokesperson: “Turkey is getting a new lesson in Afrin”

YPJ Spokesperson Nesrin Abdullah said, “Those who remain quiet are approving the Turkish state attacks. But we are giving a better lesson now in Afrin to those who failed to learn from Kobanê.”

PKK calls for struggle in the line of victory

PKK Central Committee has held its annual regular meeting. The PKK called on all party members and people to the correct party line and patriotism and to mobilize to organize in all areas and fight in the line of victory.

PKK’s Karayilan: Efrîn will turn into Kobanê if Turkey attacks

PKK's Murat Karayilan warned of a Turkish attack against Efrîn and said that the Efrîn will turn into Kobanê and be a graveyard for the Turkish state if this happens to be the case.

Altun: Socialism cannot be built with the tools of capitalism

KCK’s Altun pointed out that most of the anti-system movements are turning a blind eye on the fact that they are living capitalism and imperialism in every aspect and are deceiving themselves with their ideologies and dogmas.

ISIS and Al-Nusra command the Turkish army in the war in Afrin

When the gang groups dubbed the FSA suffered hundreds of casualties, Al-Nusra members from Idlib and ISIS members arrested in Jarablus and Turkey were dressed in FSA uniforms and pushed to the fronts in Afrin.

Marks of refreshed memory, from Mahabad to Afrin

Russia is forcing the Kurds into the vice “either the regime or Turkey” today in Afrin. They were negotiating with the Kurds over the Caspian oil 70 years ago, and today they are trying to negotiate over Kurds in return for the Turkish Current project.

Report on the Turkish state’s war crimes in Afrin

In  addition  to  all  the  violations  of  international  law  by  the  Turkish  state,  the  countries concerned  should  intervene  to  stop  the  Turkish  military  operations  in  Afrin,  which  have reached the level of war crimes.

Moslem: Should Efrîn be attacked, the war will spread into Turkey

TEV-DEM foreign relations official and former PYD leader Saleh Moslem warned that if there’s an attack on Efrîn, the war will spread into Turkey. He said: "When Kurds achieve their national unity, they will become an important force in the Middle East."

Dozens of girls missing in Afrin

A mother looking for her 14-year-old girl who was abducted in Afrin under invasion, stated that dozens of girls are held captive and raped by Turkish forces and allied gangs.