Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saleh Moslem: The ‘third alternative way’ has proved viable

TEV-DEM executive explains how the Rojava model is working.

PKK: Rojava Revolution paved the way for democratic Middle East

"We believe that in the seventh year of the historic Freedom Revolution, the peoples of Rojava Kurdistan and Syria will enhance the struggle for a Democratic Syria and Free Kurdistan, and pave the way further for a Democratic Middle East Revolution."

What is happening in Iraq?

The protests that began last week in many cities are triggering a new process in Iraq. However, it is difficult to predict where this process will lead to.

KCK’s Karasu: No news about Leader Öcalan

“Kurdish People’s Leader is being subjected to a level of isolation never seen in the world.”

HPG Commander: Qandil war a battle to defend Southern Kurdistan

HPG commander Egîd Kelar stated that Turkey’s invasion attempt against Southern Kurdistan was multifaceted and also aimed to disconnect Southern and Eastern Kurdistan.

Interview with FARC president Rodrigo Londoño, Timochenko

Rodrigo Londoño speaks of the current political issues and challenges facing Colombia.

Political annihilation campaign against Kurds in Germany

As in Turkey, a political campaign of annihilation is being waged against Kurds and their institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany.

HPG Commander: It’s not easy to enter or leave these lands

HPG Commander Zerdeşt Navdar spoke about the invasion concept from Afrin to Bradost and the guerrilla’s actions.

Turkish army defeated in Lêlîkan as well

Regions in Southern Kurdistan had peace when the guerrilla had control, and the nature had become one with the guerrilla. With Turkish invasion attacks, the natural beauty throughout the region has been pillaged.

Nothing Dies for Nothing

"I want to go back to my home and village to collect the remains of my daughter's body, from above the olive branches and the grape vines in my house, I will hide her in my lap so no one can touch or hurt her.”