Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Manbij celebrates second anniversary as a free city

On 12 August 2016 the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Manbij Military Council liberated the city from DAESH.

Family fleeing Afrin: Turkish state turned Afrin into hell

Familes from Afrin who returned to the province so their lands and property wouldn’t be confiscated after the invasion are forced to leave their home for a second time due to the tyranny of the Turkish state and their allied gangs.

The difficult work of journalists exposing crimes in Afrin

Northern Syrian journalists said international media are silent on the genocide carried out by the Turkish army and mercenaries in Afrin 

Migrants in Turkey handed over to gangs

The Turkish state is forcibly deporting the migrants, who they have used as blackmail material against Europe for years, to Idlib and Afrin.

“We don’t accept Iran’s current stance or foreign intervention”

KODAR Co-chair Fuat Beritan spoke about the developments in Iran and stated that they don’t accept the Islamic Republic of Iran’s current stance or foreign intervention, and they will be taking on a third path.

The pain of the Yazidi people in a psychologist’s experience

Berivan Zinzal told ANF of her work and emotional visits to Yazidi people leaving in camps in Kurdistan.

Cultural annihilation and demographic change in Afrin

In Afrin, a human tragedy has been taking place before the eyes of the world. Cases of destruction, kidnapping, ransom, sexual violence and the systematic destruction of the nature are increasing day by day.

YPG refutes HRW allegations on recruitment of child soldiers

YPG Spokesman strongly refuted HRW’s claims that YPG has been recruiting children, stressing that YPG stands against child recruitment.

The developments in Iran and the importance of the PJAK project

The crisis between Iran and the US is gradually moving towards US intervention. The Kurdish and Balochi resistance acts cautiously towards this situation and relies on a solution from within.

Afrin became a ghost town

Under the Turkish-Jihadist occupation, life is no longer possible in Afrin. The city has become a ghost town.