Thursday, June 21, 2018

HDP MP Kürkçü: We want to stop Erdogan ‘a la turca’ fascism

HDP election campaign in spite of daily harassments, persecutions and attacks across the country unfolds like a peoples' festival

What happened in Suruç?

Days before the June 24 elections in Urfa’s Suruç district, HDP voters were attacked by AKP members. 5 people lost their lives while 9 others were wounded. Chanting “PKK attack” in unison, the AKP media unwittingly made an admission.

A portrait of the Bedouins of Raqqa

The Bedouins of Norther Syria resemble the nomadic Koçer Kurds

KJK’s Erzincan: HDP will say stop to AKP power and dictatorship

English version of the article by KJK (Kurdistan Women's Community) Coordination member Besê Erzincan about the June 24 presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey.

Irish poet writes poem for the people of Afrin

Irish poet Séamas Carraher, who has written a poem for the people of Afrin, stated that Rojava is a huge experiment trying to put people and the planet first.

A possible operation against Qandil

Let’s say military elements under the TAF did carry out an operation against Qandil. What would happen? What would such an operation bring? What would this operation need to achieve to be considered successful?

KCK’s Mahir: AKP brought only destruction to this country

Hebun Mahir said that there is no democracy left in Turkey.

Qandil and the decline of the Turkish regime

In the run-up to the elections in Turkey, there are increasing signs of a decline in the ruling AKP/MHP government. They seek the way out in a military operation in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Turkish intelligence looking to create chaos in Manbij

The Turkish state intensifies efforts to create internal chaos through intelligence, espionage and counter activity against Afrin.

Call from captive soldiers and police officers held by PKK

Soldiers and police officers captured by the PKK called on the state, political parties and NGOs to take action for them.