Saturday, May 26, 2018

Art exhibition in Rojava dedicated to Afrin resistance

Cizire Culture and Arts Council Co-president Berivan Xalid stated that they dedicated the Rojava Art Exhibition to the Resistance of the Age.  

Short film about Mother Taybet awarded a prize

The short film "Seven days and seven nights” dedicated to mother Taybet was awarded a prize. Mother Taybet was shot dead by Turkish police carrying out an operation in Silopi. Her lifeless body was left out on the streets for an entire week.

Turkey restores only Ottoman and Seljukian buildings in Van

Turkish state restores only mosques from Ottoman and Seljukian era while leaving Kurdish historical buildings and Armenian churches to their fate. 

Writer sentenced to life receives 3 years for Roboskî

Writer serving a life sentence in the Şakran Prison Mehmet Ali Yaşa has been issued 3 years in prison for his book on the Roboskî Massacre, while the publisher was fined 33.000 Liras.

Cologne ready for the 25th Kurdish Culture Festival

The 25th International Kurdish Culture Festival will kick off in Cologne on Saturday with the motto "Freedom for Öcalan, Status for Kurdistan, Freedom to the Middle East".

Art exhibition in Qamishlo

Paintings to voice the resistance of Afrin and celebrate Rojava diversity.

Kolbers not forgotten in the Merîvan Street Theatre Festival

The International Street Theatre Festival held in Merîvan for the 12th time is in its third day. The festival started with a play thematising the lives of the kolbers (border porters) who are facing increasing deadly attacks by the Iranian regime.

AKP’s “genocide file” submitted to UNESCO

A file on the genocidal attacks in Kurdistan has been submitted to UNESCO officials in the meetings in Bern, Switzerland.

Turkmen association to be opened in Manbij

The Turkmen people living in Manbij are opening an association to promote Turkmen culture in the region.

Message for Çarşema Sor from Shengal

The Shengal Êzidî Society Coordination celebrates Çarşema Sor for the Êzidî people.