Monday, July 23, 2018

Nazeri and Kamkars hold benefit concert for earthquake victims

Shahram Nazeri and Kamkars held a benefit concert for the earthquake victims in Kermanshah.

Kolbers not forgotten in the Merîvan Street Theatre Festival

The International Street Theatre Festival held in Merîvan for the 12th time is in its third day. The festival started with a play thematising the lives of the kolbers (border porters) who are facing increasing deadly attacks by the Iranian regime.

“We sing songs of the revolution”

The fighters who sang their songs in Kobanê as the "Army of Hope" have now renamed their group "Berbanga Rojava" (The Dawn of Rojava).

Historic buildings demolished after historic cemetery

The invaders in the Edremit Municipality who tore down the Armenian cemetery in Van are now demolishing historic buildings in the district one by one because they are “derelict”.

Tan: Comprehensive struggle needed to defend Kurdish language

Kurdish Institute President celebrates Kurdish Language Day.

French writer’s “Kurdish Wheatear” novel wins prize

French writer Jean Rolin’s novel “Le traquet kurde” (“The Kurdish Wheatear”) has been awarded the Vialette literature prize. The Kurdish Wheatear is also in the running for the Livre Inter literature competition.

Husson’s ‘Girls Of The Sun’ heading to UK & Ireland with Altitude

Altitude Film Distribution has secured UK and Ireland rights to Eva Husson’s Cannes competition title Girls Of The Sun from sales agent Elle Driver.

Movie on Amed prison resistance screened in St. Petersburg

The movie "14 Temmuz" (July 14) about the historic resistance of the political prisoners in the prison of Amed was screened in St. Petersburg.

Van’s historic houses destroyed by Erdogan’s ‘urban progress’

After surviving three large earthquakes and plundering after the Armenian Genocide, historic houses of Van are destroyed by Turkish government’s “urban progress” plans and replaced by multi storey modern buildings.

Turkey restores only Ottoman and Seljukian buildings in Van

Turkish state restores only mosques from Ottoman and Seljukian era while leaving Kurdish historical buildings and Armenian churches to their fate.