Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Yazidi House opened in Aleppo

Four years have passed since the Shengal genocide. Thousands of Kurdish Yazidis are still living in refugee camps and waiting to return home.

Art exhibition in Raqqa

Art and culture were forbidden during the DAESH occupation in Raqqa city.

A Syrian musician talks about his pain

Musician Ömer Gülcan left Syria and is now living in Antep but dreams of going back to his city, Azaz.

“How can one be afraid of a cultural festival?”

The annual "Culture and Nature Festival Munzur" in Dersim has been banned by the governor. Women from Dersim wonder how one can be so afraid of a festival.

History Museum in Raqqa to be repaired

The centuries-old pieces are being repaired and will be exhibited again.

Kurdish film wins award from International Film Festival

Zer tells the story of Jan, who sets out to discover the song his grandmother, who survived the Dersim Massacre of 1938.

Culture against Turkish occupation of Afrin

A cultural action to condemn the Turkish occupation of Afrin.

Dengbej culture among guerrillas

Guerrilla Dozger carries on the dengbêj culture among guerrillas.

New caves discovered in Hasankeyf

The millenary site of Hasankeyf will soon be flooded by the Ilisu Dam.

Second Rojava Book Fair was a great success

The Book Fair exhibited some 30 thousand books