Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Art exhibition in Qamishlo

Paintings to voice the resistance of Afrin and celebrate Rojava diversity.

NAV-DEM: Kurds should defend their language

The Kurdish Language Day is celebrated on 15 May as proposed by Kurdish literary scholars and linguists and it has made a great contribution to the development of Kurdish.

Tan: Comprehensive struggle needed to defend Kurdish language

Kurdish Institute President celebrates Kurdish Language Day.

Girls of the Sun against ISIS

The film Girls of the Sun doesn’t only analyze women’s fight against ISIS, it also stresses the fighting character of the women in Shengal.

Husson’s ‘Girls Of The Sun’ heading to UK & Ireland with Altitude

Altitude Film Distribution has secured UK and Ireland rights to Eva Husson’s Cannes competition title Girls Of The Sun from sales agent Elle Driver.

Rojava Culture Arts and Literature Festival opens in Kobane

The fifth edition of the festival attracted people from all over Northern Syria

Festival Theatre in Amed

One week of theatre in Amed

Kurdish Culture in Nuremberg

Kurds will organise four days of music, culture and performances in the German city

Rojava made Kurdish language revival a reality

Almost 53 thousand students are being educated through Kurdish in Kobane Canton of Rojava, northern Syria.

Turkmen association to be opened in Manbij

The Turkmen people living in Manbij are opening an association to promote Turkmen culture in the region.