Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) Spokeswoman Nesrin Abdullah spoke to ANHA regarding the Turkish army’s invasion attacks on Afrin.

Nesrin Abdullah said, “The invading Turkish state is currently targeting civilians by attacking the Afrin region from air and land. As the YPJ and Shehba Women’s Defense Front we announce that we will continue our struggle that we have kept going since the beginning of Syrian revolution. We have liberated Raqqa, the capital of ISIS, through our struggle, and we will win in Afrin as well.”

Abdullah stated that attacks of the Turkish state against Afrin targeted all of Syria and that they would retaliate with all their power.

Nesrin Abdullah, who drew attention to the resistance of the people of Afrin, said, “The people of Afrin should know that we will keep our promise and we will repel the attacks with all our power.”

Lastly, YPJ Spokeswomen called on all the people of Afrin to join defence units against the attacks of the invading Turkish state, saying: “The people’s will will win, and the will of women and Arin Mirkan will win. We repeat our promise to our people that we will win.”

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