Wrath of Olives Operation Room issued a written statement and announced the outcome of two separate actions by their fighters. The statement said 5 invader gang members were killed in the actions.

The written statement by the Wrath of Olives Operation Room is as follows:

“In the first action our forces carried out on July 9, the Faylaq Al Sham member Ibrahim Ebdullrezaqi was targeted. The gang member was in motion on a motorcycle when he was punished by our forces for his torture and attacks against the people of Afrin, following a pursuit.

The second action of our fighters was carried out on July 10 against a military vehicle with 4 Faylaq Al Sham gang members inside. Gang members named Hisên Îbrahîm Mustefa, Mihemed El-Kermo,  Eymen El-Xalid and Xezwan El-Hisên have been killed in the targeted vehicle.

The actios in question took place in the southern rural areas of Idlib. This goes to prove that we are present everywhere the Turkish state and their allied gang groups invade, terrorize and oppress our people. We repeat our promise once again to hold anyone who took part in the invasion of Afrin, who insulted our people and stole their property to account. Be patient, Afrin. Vengeance is near.”

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