The Turkish state and their allied gangs, who barbarically attacked Afrin with all the heavy weapons they had, continue their inhumane attacks like abduction, robbery, rape and murder and are now setting the people’s homes on fire.

A source in the Sariya village of the Mabata district said gangs from the Al-Ahfad Battalion set 4 homes on fire in the village. The same source said the gangs started to set fire to the houses by the east of the village and the four houses already set on fire belong to Menan Hekilek (the village chief), Henîf Zalo and their brother Mihemed Zalo, and a citizen named Nebîla Musteşar.

The same source stated that the gangs say they will “burn down all of Afrin” and are using the burned houses as military positions.

Another source in the Rajo region said the Lîwa al-Muntesir Billah, Lîwayê Mihemed al-Fatih and Ahfad al-Resûl gangs have set the blanket factory in the region on fire.

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