A source from the People’s Defense Units (YPG) spoke to the ANF and stated that the Turkish army and their gangs carried out an attack with artilleries from Kelahe Semane to the Sherawa district and the high grounds of the Cindires district and that the fired artilleries have hit Bedirxan, Bani, Bextiyar, Başur, Batman, Destan, Martyr Demhat and Devrem hills.

As attacks continue against said hills, gang groups targeted the Hozan Hill with DShKs and the YPG/YPJ fighters retaliated.

YPG and YPJ fighters took gang activity across from the Batman Hill under control and targeted them with assassinations. No concrete information has been received on the losses of the gangs.

The invading Turkish army has also targeted villages in the Azaz region under the Shera district. According to a military source, many shells hit Dikmedaş, Qestel Cindo, Beyloniye and Eyn Deqne areas. The invading army also attacked the Malikiya and Shewarxa villages in the Shera district. In the attacks, a small child aged 6 was injured.

The source said the Turkish army is attacking the whole border line, from the Cindires region to the Shera district with Howitzers and mortars and that the Bilbile district and Shex Xorze’s village has been hit by shells.

In Shehba, the invading Turkish army and their gangs reportedly fired artilleries into Şex Isa, Hesya, Semoqa and Til Cican villages and the Shehba Dam, while the fighters have retaliated.

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