Jac Holmes (Şoreş Amanos), who has been fighting in the ranks of the YPG since 2015, lost his life while clearing landmines in Raqqa on 23 October. Oliver Hall, nom de guerre Canser Zagros, also lost his life in a blast during mine clearing operations in Raqqa on November 25.

People of Derik received the bodies of British fighters from Martyr Hogir Hospital today and set off to Semelka border crossing in a large convoy of cars.

YPG and Self-Defense fighters held a military ceremony at Semelka border crossing.

Speaking on behalf of internationalist fighters, Botan Canşer offered condolences to the families of martyrs and vowed to make the goal of their martyred comrades a reality. Botan Canşer recalled that both fighters from Britain fought in the front lines against dark forces and the dominant mindset.

Another comrade of martyrs, Zilan Britani, spoke after and stated that Şoreş Amanos and Canser Zagros came to Rojava and joined the YPG as they believed Öcalan’s ideas to be philosophy of humanity.

Following the speeches, the martyrdom testimonies of the fallen Britons were read out and handed over to their comrades, while Cihan Soreş sang in memory of their martyred friends.

The crowd chanted “Şehit Namirin” (Martyrs are immortal) as the bodies of two British martyrs were then sent off to Southern Kurdistan through Semelka border gate en route to Britain.

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