The Turkish state and their allied gangs entered Afrin with their barbaric attacks and are resorting to practices like abduction, murder, rape and forced conversion as the city residents refuse to bow down to invaders.

According to the city residents, Afrin Human Rights Organization Chairperson Lawyer Mihemed Cemîl was abducted 2 months ago at a control point set up by Turkish soldiers. There had been no information on his whereabouts for two months, and now it has come to light that Mihemed Cemîl has been held in a prison in Ayn Hara by the Nurettin Zengi gangs. His relatives say Cemîl has been subjected to inhuman torture and he is in a critical condition.

Sources in the city also say Ahrar al Sham gangs abducted Doctor Ebdo Tofan from his clinic and Pharmacist Ciwan Bilal from his home.

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