As part of the “Operation CizirĂȘ Storm” liberation offensive, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated the village of Abdul-Al at Dashisha on 11 June from the rule of the “Islamic State”.

ANHA news agency spoke with the residents of Abdul-Al after the liberation.

Fida El-Isa tells about the time under ISIS: “The jihadists wanted to use women like slaves. They forced the women to completely disguise themselves. Those who defended themselves were either killed or thrown into jail. For five years we had no freedom. We could not take a step outside. They have turned our homes into prisons, they have buried us alive.”

Fida El-Isa emphasizes that after liberation from the ISIS, she is finally able to breathe freely again and continues: “We now feel at peace and safety. Above us, the sun has risen again.”

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