The invading Turkish state and their allied gangs continue to commit crimes of torture, murder, looting and abductions. Reliable sources report that the Turkish state and their gangs abducted at least 25 civilians from villages in Afrin’s Sherawa district today.

The same sources also report that 9 people were abducted from the Birc Heyder village by the Furqat Al Hamzat gangs, and that nobody knows where they were taken.

Sources said the people abducted from Birc Heyder are: Seydo Elî Silêman Gulê Xeyrî (30), Ebdilhey Zekeriya Hesen (25), Edhem Elî Hesen (16), Ehmed Mihemed Silêman (18), Egîd Reşîd Hesen (26), Ehmed Reşîd Hesen (22), Mihemed Hesen Nasiro (53) and Basil Ednan Mihemed Elî (22).

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