After the invasion of Afrin by the Turkish state and its mercenary al-Nusra, FSA and ISIS allies, hundreds of thousands of citizens had to leave their homes and their lands and migrated to the areas of Sherewa and Shehba.

Dozens of schools were plundered following the attacks and occupation by the Turkish state, before being eventually destroyed.

Furthermore, thousands of children have been left without education as they were forced to leave the city together with their families.

During the attacks by the Turkish army (which begun on 20 January), 30 students and two teachers lost their life.

In Afrin there were 318 schools but 86 have been completely destroyed during the occupation and invasion operation. In total, 42,000 primary school students, 9,000 preparatory students, 550 institute students and 450 university students have been left without school.

With the help of the Education Committee (KPC) and Afrin Autonomous Administration, a school was set up in a tent at the Berxwedan camp in Shehba. The tent would be equipped to teach primary school students.

In the tent schools there are 14 classes and 400 students, from first to sixth grade. Primary school teacher Dijwar Ibrahim spoke to ANF about the school they opened in the camp.