On October 30th, Komalen Ciwan (Communities of Youth) and Komalen Jinen Ciwan (Communities of Young Women) launched a campaign named “Serî Hilde” [Rise Up] in order to raise awareness about the isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and demand his freedom, resist against Turkish attacks on Rojava and invasion of Southern Kurdistan and celebrate 40th anniversary of PKK. The campaign will last until the Newroz, March 21, of 2018.

The Democratic Arab Youth in Manbij announced their participation in the campaign starting from November 7th. In a demonstration on Thursday, the youths drew and painted a huge portrait of the Kurdish leader in the stadium of Manbij and wrote “Freedom for Rêber APO”. (Rêber means “Leader” in Kurdish and “Apo” is how Kurds call Öcalan).

Spokesperson for the Youth, Eqil Cuma, read out a statement and called for stronger participation in the “Serî Hilde” campaign. Cuma stressed that their struggle will continue until Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan is physically freed.

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