HDP co-chair Sezai Temelli was in Milas, district of Muğla, on Sunday as part of his electoral campaign.

Two weeks left to the 24 June elections, Temelli reminded the people that voters can still exercise their right abroad.

“On 24 June – said Temelli to the crowd – we will decide our future. To live together in our common nation we need to get rid of all those who want to divide our people, those war promoters and those who live on corruption. Together we will get rid of them”.

Temelli added: “Our differences give us strength. We take power from our differences. Different beliefs, different ethnic identities, all this is a resource. It is our differences that make this country. Our differences are our common identity. When we have our common identity, that is, when we are equal citizens in this country, we can get rid of this war-loving  power. Now it is time for Kurds to reclaim Turks, Turks to reclaim Kurds, and Armenians to reclaim Alevis”.

The problem this country has is called Erdogan

Temelli said that “there is no Kurdish problem in this country. There is a Kurdish question because there is a democracy problem in this country, there is a problem of unemployment and poverty. The Kurdish issue is actually a litmus paper. We cannot solve other problems in this country without solving the Kurdish problem. The opposite is also true. If you solve the problem of democracy in this country, you solve the Kurdish problem. All the problems of this country are connected”.

HDP Co-chair reminded that those who do not want to solve these problems are those who are trying to save their places, their privileges, their palaces. “When we enter parliament as HDP on 24 June, when our Selahattin Demirtas gets elected president, we will empty those palaces and we’ll get rid of the main problem of this country, which is Erdogan”.

Referring to the Cumhur Ittifakı, the People’s Alliance, Temelli said: “They are attacking us day and night and hope to keep us under the threshold, but we tell them: no matter the threshold, we will enter parliament because we are here for the peoples of this country”.

HDP doesn’t fear the threshold

Temelli said that “all public officials were mobilized to make sure the HDP won’t overcome the 10% threshold. We tell these people to not follow instructions which are actually against the law. From now on, we will all be observers. We will not just vote. We will follow what happens to our vote. Children want democracy, peace”.

Making an appeal to voters abroad, Temelli said: “The process of voting abroad has begun. Go to the polls and vote. Your vote is very important. Thanks to your vote, we will get deputies in Kocaeli, Aydın, Manisa. Don’t think your vote won’t change anything”.

We solve problems together with Demirtas as president

Temelli ended his speech by saying: “We have so many problems in this country, but we will overcome all these problems together with Demirtas and the HDP after 24 June. We will create together a transition program, a democratic transition program. This country will have a democratic constitution. We will overcome the threshold and together we will work on the democratic constitution”.

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