Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters point out that the fight against the ISIS invasion is a historic responsibility and state that ISIS will definitively be kicked out of the region with the Operation Jazeera Storm.

Speaking to ANHA news agency, the fighter named Ebduleziz Raşid El-Eli said participating in such an operation is a duty for him: “We are the people of Deir ez-Zor. We are the children of the region. Our lands have been invaded by ISIS gangs. So participating in this operation to liberate our lands is a fundamental responsibility for us.”


The fighter named Deham el-Eli pointed out SDF’s fight against ISIS in Northern Syria and said many areas have been liberated from ISIS by the SDF: “And with this operation, we are striving to liberate the people from this invasion completely. We are from here. Our people in this region called for the SDF to liberate them, and the SDF launched the Operation Jazeera Storm as a response. With this operation, ISIS will be completely defeated. ISIS will suffocate in the Jazeera Storm, and they will be over.”

SDF fighter El-Eli called on the people of Deir ez-Zor and asked them to help the SDF fighters and to clear the area of ISIS all together.


SDF fighter Mehmud El-Isa said they are proud to be part of this operation and a historic responsibility: “Our morale is very high. Being part of the SDF and participating in such an operation is something to be proud of. With this operation, our people will be rid of the ISIS gangs that have left them unable to breathe for years.”

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