Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Political Council continues with its public meetings in Tabqa and Ayn Isa.

Another public meeting was held in Tabqa’s Mansura district with the participation of MSD Political Council member Hesen Mihemed Eli, Mansura Assembly Co-chairs and members of civil society organizations.

Speaking here, Hesen Mihemed Eli pointed out the reasons for the prolongation of the Syrian crisis and highlighted two main reasons; “Firstly, the so-called opposition and those who left the Syrian people alone, and secondly the Ba’ath regime’s insistence on a military solution and lack of a change.”

Regarding the developments in Northern Syria, Mihemed Eli said the following; “The areas liberated by SDF are the safest regions in Syria. The politics of the civil administration in Northern Syria has ensured security in the region and 27% of the Syrian lands is the safest territory at the moment.”

Noting that MSD is ready for talks to be held under the lead of the United Nations, Eli called on the people of liberated areas to return home and take part in reconstruction efforts.

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