A news story by TF1 on the matter regarding a high ranking ISIS member who was involved in many civilian massacres has been confirmed by the Paris Prosecutor’s Office.

According to information providd by the Prosecutor’s Office to the radio channel Franceinfo, the man named Ahmed A. turned out to be the top level ISIS official responsible for the Samara province in Iraq. The gang member left Iraq in 2014 but there was no information provided on when he entered Europe.

The top level ISIS member was granted asylum following his first statement in France in June 2017, and later garnered attention from the French intelligence. The gang member under surveillance was detained on March 9 and later on arrested.

Ahmed A. has allegedly taken part in the murder of over 1700 people near Tiqrit, Iraq and he will be put on trial for crimes against humanity, war crimes and the use of banned weapons of war.

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