Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Pervin Buldan spoke about the party’s agenda for this week.

She begun by remembering young revolutionaries Deniz Gezmiş, Hüseyin İnan and Yusuf Aslan on the anniversary of their execution.

She then went on talking about the visits in Turkey and Kurdistan reiterating her belief that the HDP will win. “Despite the oppression lined to the State of Emergency (OHAL), our people, our party and our delegation have great determination and a great faith in a bright future”, she said.

“I thank all our people who side with us, I salute the people of Serhat and Botan: there was such an enthusiasm towards the HDP and streets were filled with people that came out to greet us”, said Buldan talking about the most recent visits by the HDP candidates.

Buldan said that the people are looking forward to June 24, “preparing to give the strongest response to those who ignore their will”.

She added: “The people who ordered to bury the HDP in the ballot box will be the people ending up buried on 24 June and they will not be able to come back from it. Before I said prepare for the slap. Yes, the slap is ready to come. All people in Turkey are preparing to give that great slap the day of the polls”.

HDP alliance with the left, workers and women is for good

Buldan agreed with the need of election alliances, but said that the alliance the AKP has in mind won’t save the country from the crisis, won’t save democracy: “On the one side – she said – there is a right wing nationalist alliance, on the other side there is a HDP representing a democratic stance. The AKP and the MHP embrace each other to avoid falling into the sea. Their alliance is a fear alliance. They came with the crisis and they will go with the crisis. Everyone knows that. This alliance, is also an alliance against HDP”.

The target of the AKP-MHP said Buldan is “to prevent the HDP from entering Parliament. For this they kept the threshold, but that threshold will be destroyed by the people. The only chance for democracy and hope is the HDP”.

Pointing out that the HDP has not only made an electoral alliance with the labour forces, the workers, the left, Buldan added: “This is a long-term alliance to continue the struggle. Last week, Kurdish parties formed an alliance among themselves, which is of historical importance in terms of national alliance of Kurds”.

Buldan added: “The HDP has made an alliance with Kurdish parties but also with workers and labour forces as in its best tradition, because this is the heritage of Behice Boran, Deniz Gezmiş, Mahir Çayan and the socialist left struggle. This you can find in today’s HDP. Likewise the struggle of women is our struggle and we appeal to the Alevi people who have been persecuted for many years for their faith and culture, to join us”.

Demirtaş is the people’s candidate

Talking about presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş, Buldan said that he is “held in a prison as a political hostage by the government. He is inspiring and providing hope from within those four walls. The hostage policy applied to Demirtaş – said Buldan – is actually an oppression imposed on millions of people who vote for HDP”.

You will visit the provinces as candidates for the President, you will make rallies, you will touch the hands of your voters. However, there is only one Presidential candidate, Mr. Selahattin Demirtaş, Istanbul Deputy held hostage in Edirne Prison for a year and a half. He will try to make the election campaign that he is going to make only by the notes he will send to us through his lawyers and us conveying them to our people. This unfairness expresses that we never accept such a lawlessness. Mr. Demirtaş’s presidential candidacy has been finalized and Mr. Demirtas has to complete this process shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand with his opponents in freedom. If you trust yourself, if you are not afraid, release Mr. Demirtaş, go out to the squares, race with him.”

AKP manifesto is empty promises

Referring to the election manifesto published by President and AKP leader Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul last weekend, Buldan said: “The president of a party exploiting people and land for 16 years has shared a manifesto with the people. He has exploited poverty and unemployment. We are going to elections walking through the debris you have made. The AKP acts as if it wasn’t the responsible of this mess. They present themselves as savior. Please, this manifesto is a real shame. You have been in power for 16 years and all you have brought to people is death, injustice, oppression. The peoples of Turkey will give AKP the answer it deserves on 24 June”.

Buldan ended by saying: “Everyone saw what Erdogan has done with democracy, freedom and justice. There are a few days left, and on 24 June the people will actually pull the AKP plug off. The HDP is for the people, for democracy and for hope. Demirtaş is representing those values. We promise peace. We promise democracy. We promise justice and equality. We promise a life that is not excluding anyone”.

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