Members of the HDP and Revolutionary Party were taken into custody in house raids in Ankara and İzmir provinces.


Police forces conducted raids on several houses in Turkish capital Ankara this morning and detained three people including HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Party Assembly member Şehriban Zuğurli and HDP stand official Şahin Bardakçı.


Revolutionary Party (Devrimci Party) provincial co-chair Sinan Deniz was detained following a house raid in İzmir city this morning.

In the meantime, 10 HDP members who were taken into custody during an iftar (fast-breaking) dinner in İzmir’s Buca district on June 10, are still in custody.

Procedures continue at the security directorate for HDP Buca district branch co-chair Birol Duruk and HDP member Haydar Yılmaz who were detained in Buca on June 11.

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