Al-Bab Military Council held a press conference in Erîma town and condemned the Turkish state’s practices in the city.

The Council Commander Jamal Abu Cuma spoke at the press conference and remarked that Turkish forces and allied mercenaries are perpetrating atrocities and torture against the peoples.

Describing Turkish presence in Northern Syria as invasion, Commander Cuma said people of al-Bab were subjected to all kinds of inhumane attacks during two years of Turkish invasion. He continued; “Turkish soldiers and allied gangs attack the health workers in the city and fill the prisons they have built in the city with innocent people. The Turkish state is resorting to any method possible in order to subject the people of al-Bab to migration.”

Calling on the international community to fulfill their responsibilities against Turkish invasion, Council Commander Jamal Abu Cuma said; “Thousands of residents of al-Bab cannot return home because of the Turkish state’s practices of arrest, massacre and abduction.”

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