Turkish forces carried out raids on several houses in Bismil district of Amed (Diyarbakır) city on Sunday. Nearly 30 people have been taken into custody in the operation and these include dismissed Co-mayor Ali Çelik, deputy co-mayor Şeyhmus Aydın, DBP district former co-chair Celile Kaplan, DBP district administrator Mustafa Kurt, DBP members Mehmet İnanç, Güven Tanrıkulu, Abdullah Kurt, Hamdullah Yel, Fehime Efe, Mehdi Biçimli, Şakir Sunar and Muzaffer Sarı, DBP municipal council members Zeyettin Araz and Ceylan Efe.

In the meantime, 9 women have been detained in Alibey (Alodina) village of Bismil.

On the other hand, HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) member Sinan Kızıldere and his wife have been detained in a house raid in the southern province of Adana.

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