Hikmet Alma who lost his brother Nadir in the 20 December 2011 Roboski massacre, was taken into custody after being called to give a statement at Uludere police station.

It is understood Alma is being investigated for “insulting the President” in messages he allegedly shared on social media as well as in an interview he gave to Mesopotamian Agency before Newroz celebrations.

Alma went to Uludere Chief Prosecutor’s Office to give a statement within the framework of the investigation opened against him but was taken into custody.

In an interview he gave to the Mesopotamian Agency before the Newroz celebration, Alma stated that the promise made to the family that justice will be done for Roboski, has not been kept. The only way to achieve justice, he said, is with the struggle of the Kurdish people on the basis of national unity.

Alma added that: “Before the massacre it was Newroz every day for us. After the massacre we came together for the celebration, we lit the fires. But for years, we have been experiencing a persistent bitterness because of our never-ending pain. After 2011, Newroz was never the same for us, but every Thursday we hold a vigil and we continue to stand up for justice”.

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