The Turkish state and its invading army want to make their invasion attempts permanent in the Bradost region of Bashurê (South) Kurdistan. HPG/YJA-Star guerillas continue their effective actions against invasion forces.

The guerillas continue their actions against invasion forces stationed on the Lêlîkan Hill in particular.

According to local sources, the HPG/YJA-Star guerillas carried out a large scale action against the Turkish soldiers stationed on the Lêlîkan Hill at 10.00 today from 6 sides.

Sources say the guerillas used personal, semi-automatic and Karnas weapons and struk the Turkish army hard from 4 sides.

The guerillas also targeted the Turkish soldiers’ positions with heavy weapons from two sides.

There is no concrete information on the casualties of the Turkish soldiers while HPG is expected to release a statement on the action in the coming hours.

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