Serdar Star, HPG commander in the Bradost region, spoke to ANF about the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state.

Star said that the plans of the Republic of Turkey over South Kurdistan go back some thirty years and added that “Turkey has been able to reach some achievements in South Kurdistan through the complacency of the KDP. As a result, the Turkish army has been using the Behdinan region as its base and police area. Now they would like to spread that to the areas of Bradost and Soran. If they succeed, they may want to go even further, until the Pencewin border”.

He added: “Turkish presence has no legitimacy in Batufan, Zakho, Amediye, Sheladize, Bamerni, Barzan and Bradost regions. All forces present there, are occupying forces. They thought to find friends or supporters in these areas, but they are greatly mistaken”.

Serdar Star: Hedefa TC Destketiyên Başûrê Kurdistanê ne | ANFNEWS.TV

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