HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) member Mehmet Vefa Koçaklı had been called in by the Raperin Asayish (Public Security) forces on August 1, and hasn’t been heard from in the 10 days since.

HDP Southern Kurdistan Representative Abid Ike spoke to ANHA about the disappearance of Mehmet Vefa Koçaklı and said the incident has given them more strength to fight.

Abid Ike said HDP member Koçaklı hasn’t been heard from in 10 days and added: “KDP’s pressure against HDP members has gone on for a while. KDP wants to silence HDP members and Southern Kurdistan society by taking them under control.”


Ike pointed to KDP policies and said: “Southern officials had some written decrees prepared for the Northern people and HDP members who come here. According to this decree, HDP members are not supposed to hold any protests or demonstrations against KDP policies and they are to be silenced in the political arena. KDP asayish is forcing HDP members and Northern people to sign documents stating that.”

Ike said the lawyers trying to find information on Mehmet Vefa Koçaklı’s situation were threatened by KDP officials, and stated that “the KDP is trampling the law through such practices.”

HDP Southern Kurdistan Representative Abid Ike stressed that their fight against KDP’s practices will continue and concluded his words with: “KDP can’t silence us with these disappearances and arrests Our fight and our protests against these practices will continue.”

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