IHD Van Chapter Chairperson Murat Melet stated that in the recent detentions and arrests in Van, torture and rights violations have gotten more severe.

The State of Emergency (OHAL) has been lifted in Turkey, but in Kurdish cities the OHAL practices continue non-stop. Recently, dozens of people have been detained and arrested in the Erciş district and others. The detainees are battered, mistreated and tortured.

The AKP claims to have lifted the State of Emergency, but are implementing practices that surpass the OHAL conditions in Van and other provinces in the region. After the lifting of the OHAL, hundreds of highlands, villages and rural areas have been declared restricted zones.

Speaking to ANF, Human Rights Association (IHD) Van Chapter Chairperson Murat Melet said rights violations and torture in particular during detentions and arrests have increased significantly.

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