In the north-Kurdistan province of Amed, Turkish Gendarmerie forces stormed the condolence house for YPG fighter Volkan Bayka in the village of Fêra in Silvan district. Bayka fell in Afrin’s Rajo district on 6 July in a battle with Turkish soldiers and the allied militia Ahrar al-Sharqiya.

During the raid, the military forces seized photographs of the fallen fighter and evacuated the condolence house before it was subsequently locked.

Prosecutor: “Bring me the village chief”

Both the father of the deceased fighter, Mustafa Bayka, and the village head Ali Bakıcı were temporarily arrested and interrogated by the prosecutor. They were released afterwards.

According to the residents of Fêra, the prosecutor of Silvan ordered the soldiers to “Bring me the village headman who made the condolence house available for a terrorist”.

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