Dozens of intellectuals, writers, journalists, academics, artists, politicians, deputies and civil society organization representatives in Southern Kurdistan have founded ‘Afrin Front’ against the Turkish army’s invasion operation on Afrin.

As part of the campaign that was launched by the Democratic Idea and Politics Academy in Sulaymaniyah, mass demonstrations and a series of actions will be organized in Southern Kurdistan against the Turkish state’s attacks on Afrin.

The launch of the campaign was announced in a press conference held after the meeting, which was closed to the press.

Speaking here, journalist Kemal Raûf saluted Afrin and the resistance mounted there and stressed that they always stand with Afrin and are ready to do their part for it.

Recalling that Afrin is facing a great threat as the Turkish state has launched its attacks on the canton, Raûf said they have gathered and made a series of decisions as to what they can do against this invasion attempt.

Raûf said they have established a 26-person committee for the organization of mass demonstrations for Afrin, noting that their actions will kick off in Sulaymaniyah and continue in other cities of Southern Kurdistan.  

Raûf called upon the people of Southern Kurdistan to stand with Afrin with a spirit of mobilization.

“Today is the day to defend Afrin. We will not allow the invasion of Afrin”, said Raûf and added that they have also made a series of plans to create awareness in world public opinion regarding Afrin.

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