The AKP-MHP fascist government’s policies of torture, mistreatment and exile against political prisoners in Turkish prisons increase every day. Prisoners on remand in the PKK case who were exiled to the Manisa-Akhisar Type T Closed Prison from the Silivri Type L Closed Prison last week are being held in wards adjacent to ISIS members. Prisoner Velat Kaya told his family during his weekly phone call that the exile procedures were completed in haste as they were sent from Silivri to Akhisar.

Kaya told his family: “We were abruptly exiled from Silivri to Akhisar. We were not allowed to see to any needs during the trip. We told them many times that we needed to drink water, eat something and go to the bathroom, but these were all rejected. After we were brought to the Akhisar Type T Prison, they distributed us among the section with ISIS wards. Right now, there are ISIS members to the rooms to our right and our left. It is almost certain that there will be problems with them in the future.”

Kaya told his family to let institutions like the Human Rights Association (İnsan Hakları Derneği – İHD) know about their situation, and said: “They deliberately put us next to ISIS members. All the people exiled together have been scattered. We fear for our lives. You must take necessary steps for this matter. Talk with human rights associations, a committee needs to be sent here immediately.”

Kaya’s family appealed to the İHD Amed chapter and started the necessary procedures.

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