In Mardin, Meles Tekin (73) was arrested and placed in prison in April for her 4 year and 2 month prison sentence, and was later exiled to the Elazığ Prison. Tekin visited the infirmary frequently due to health problems she started to have there, and was referred to Adana for a report from the Forensic Medicine Institute. Tekin has been waiting for the report to be issued, which will determine whether Tekin will be released or not, for two months.

Meles Tekin has cardiac, chest and blood pressure issues and diabetes. Her family says she frequently has high blood pressure and goes up to the infirmary almost daily. Tekin can only continue her daily life with help from other prisoners in the ward, and has swelling in her body. Meles Tekin can hardly walk due to liver issues and will be put on a dialysis machine in the prison ward.

Tekin had appealed to both Mardin and Elazığ Prisons for parole, but did not receive a response because the report wasn’t in yet.

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