When on the 3rd of August 2014 the savage ISIS gangs swept over Shengal, which counted at that moment of the attack a population of 500 000 people due to migration, the Yazidi community witnessed with their own eyes how the Peshmerga of the KDP as well as the soldiers of the Iraqi army all ran away taking their entire weapons and armaments with them, throwing the Yazidi population under the bus and leaving them totally unprotected in the fangs of ferocious ISIS. The ISIS gangs launched their first attacks together with some local thugs that lived in southern Shengal, on the village Gir Zerik. Afterwards they aimed at the villages Siba Şêx Xidir, Rambosî, Til Qeseb, Kocho and Til Benadê.


The defenceless Yazidis who were left alone to fend for themselves, struggled with a couple of arms, which they successfully hid from the KDP. But it was impossible to stand against all the panzers, missiles and heavy artillery which the gangs had obtained from Mosul. The flight of the Peshmerga rendered the Yazidis completely desolate and dispirited, and therefore they headed to Mount Shengal, the last resort. Hundreds of thousands of Yazidis at all ages were at the mercy of a calamity and betook themselves desperately to the mountain. The Peshmerga of the KDP were meanwhile crossing the humanitarian corridor, which the YPG had opened, to Rojava and rushed from there over back to South Kurdistan.

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