Revolutions and social upheavals are always reflected in music. And so, during the Battle of Kobanê, when the Islamic State Jihadist militia invaded one of the cantons of West Kurdistan, which had been effectively self-governing since 2013, we saw images of musicians fighting to sing the songs of the revolution. In fact, these singing fighters of the MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party) Rojava were members of the group Berbanga Rojava, which was at that time called Umudun Ordusu (Army of Hope).

In addition to many traditional folk songs from Turkey and Kurdistan in their repertoire, the musical fighters also compose their own songs. 33 Kızıl Karanfil (33 red carnations), for example, is a song for the victims of the attack on Suruç (Pirsûs). 33 mainly young people who wanted to participate in the reconstruction of Kobanê and who traveled to Suruç for this purpose were killed on July 20, 2015 by an IS suicide bomber.

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